Creative Ways to Kick Anger’s Butt

posted: 08/04/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
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    Creative Ways to Kick Anger's Butt

    Maybe you're having problems at work or your family's driving you crazy. Every once in a while, your face gets hot, and you get so frustrated that you just want to scream, but you know you definitely shouldn't. While anger's not exactly a pleasant emotion, it's a perfectly healthy one. Here are some healthy, productive, (and dare I say fun) ways to channel your anger, until you can calm down enough to rationally think of a solution.

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    Signing up for a kickboxing class is a fantastic outlet for all your pent up rage. It gets you moving, gets you sweating, and lets you punch and kick things without hurting anybody.

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    Go see a funny movie, attend a comedy show, or binge watch your favorite comedy show. Laughing will distract you and have you feeling much better.

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    Dance, Dance, Dance

    Play some music loudly and dance like no one's watching. Dancing releases endorphins that relieve stress, and the upbeat music will lift your mood instantly.

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    Write it Out

    If you're angry at a person, write down everything you want to say to them. Then, throw it out. Sleep on it. And then decide if you need to have a talk in the morning. It'll help you sort out your feelings without losing your temper and regretting it.

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    Talk it Out

    Sometimes, talking about your feelings can help you sort through them. Bonus: Have the chat with friends over pedicures. It's impossible to feel stressed while getting your feet pampered.

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    Clean, Clean, Clean

    When you're angry, you're just bursting with pent up energy. Take it out on the mess in your house. Having a task to focus on will help you clear your head and you'll have a spotless home when you're done.

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    Break Everything

    If you're feeling like you just need to break stuff, there are places you can go that let you break everything in sight. Places like the Anger Room and the Smash Shack let you either bring your own things to break on let you destroy items of their own.

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    Run Like Wind

    Whether you're usually active or not, nothing relieves stress like putting on a pair of sneakers, headphones in, and going for a long run. It'll help you clear your head, and your pent up energy will be a great motivator for a fantastic workout.

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    Going for a relaxing swim will have you feeling much better.