Creative Ways to Announce a Baby on the Way 

posted: 01/24/17
by: Katie Morton

You're pregnant--congratulations! One of the most exciting moments for expecting parents is finding a memorable way to share the joyous news with their family and friends. If you're looking for creative inspiration to announce the arrival of your baby, check out our gallery of photos for fun ideas.

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  • Image Credit: Instagram/natethegreat07

    And Onesie Makes Three

    A simple clothesline and three infant onesies charmingly announce mom’s due date. You’ll definitely want to frame this adorable keepsake photo for the baby’s nursery. This shot would also make lovely personalized gifts for the expectant grandparents.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/memories_captured_by_rosi

    Premier-Worthy Film Poster

    Then Comes Baby: Based on a True Story. A fictional movie poster is a whimsical idea for mom and dad movie buffs. Note the funny addition of mom’s favorite snack foods on the bed.

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    Zach and Tori Roloff Reveal their Baby's Gender

    Zach and Tori excitedly reveal their baby’s gender and what the big news means to them!

  • Image Credit: Instagram/cocolocosun

    Baby on Board

    Mahalo, indeed. Do you live near the shore? Like to surf? This sporty announcement heralds the arrival of a future beach baby.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/jtheboston

    From the Fur Babies

    Your first child may wear a collar and walk on the leash, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in the fun. Pet-themed announcements are silly, sweet, and sure to amuse. These two pups look like they’re both smiling with joy about the impending arrival of their “new human.”

  • Image Credit: Instagram/painted_dreamfinder

    Every Kid’s Dream Come True

    Dogs aren’t the only pet siblings who can help spread the word. Don’t all kids want a pony? Well, this lucky baby already has one, plus pint-sized cowboy boots, waiting for their arrival.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/twinloveconcierge

    Twin Touchdown!

    Expecting twins? Football fans will love this cute way to announce that two bouncing bundles of joy are on the way. This announcement would be especially sweet around Super Bowl season.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/susanphanho


    These Super Parents are expecting a tiny Super Sidekick! Channel your inner superhero with a fun, comic-themed announcement. If full costumes are too over-the-top, consider wearing t-shirts instead.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/jessikaabbott

    Pregnancy Cravings

    Few things say Baby on Board like a buffet of pickles and donuts. This mom-to-be found a humorous way to spread the baby news with her office. There are a million ways to announce you’re expecting. Find a theme that resonates with you and have fun with capturing this wonderful moment for your family! No matter which photo you end up with, you’ll certainly treasure it forever.

  • Image Credit: Instagram/mogwaiwaterpark

    Second Player, To Be Named Later

    Is there anything cuter than this thrilled big brother-to-be? If your second one is on the way, consider getting your firstborn in on the action with a game-themed baby announcement. Bonus points if you use big bro or sis’ favorite game pieces to up their excitement.