Creative Uses for Thanksgiving Leftovers

posted: 11/20/17
by: Katie Morton
Thanksgiving Plate of Food

That sumptuous Thanksgiving feast is a meal fit for royalty. But after you've picked apart the turkey for sandwiches and had your fourth helping of sweet potatoes, you may be itching to try something new. Here are six savory, creative ways to transform those tired leftovers into a second culinary masterpiece your family will love.

Food Network's Roasted Turkey Lasagna

Turkey and Italian? Sure, why not? Everybody loves a warm, cheesy pan of gooey lasagna on a crisp fall day. This unique twist on traditional Italian fare is crowd-pleasing, kid-pleasing, and freezes beautifully.

Bobby Flay's Sweet Potato Soup With Blue Corn Tortillas

Chances are you made tons of sweet potatoes for the big feast. By day three, we know you're tired of eating pounds of sweet spuds. Evolve the humble tuber to a meal even a gourmet chef would be proud to serve guests. The bonus is that your house will smell absolutely amazing while this rich soup is bubbling on the stove!

Duff Goldman's Thanksgiving Pizza

Everything is more delicious in pizza form --even leftover turkey and mashed potatoes. You may be surprised how well these unusual toppings work together adorning a crispy hand-rolled crust.

Ree Drummund's Turkey Spring Rolls

We've given the leftover turkey an Italian spin, so why not branch out and try an Asian-influenced dish? Fresh sprouts, lettuce leaves, and cilantro paired with a kicky sauce might be a welcome change for your taste buds after days of butter-drenched traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Second Day Fried Stuffing Bites With Cranberry Sauce Pesto

Fried stuffing bites might just become your new go-to, football-viewing snack. The walnut cranberry pesto dipping sauce is phenomenal! Add some fresh corn, shredded turkey, or toasted nuts in the mix for added flavor.

Rachel Ray's Cranberry Pound Cake a la Mode

Turkey, veggies, and taters aren't the only dishes that need a third day reinvention. Sweet and savory cranberry sauce kicks a store-bought pound cake up a notch. This luscious sauce can also be used to dress up morning waffles or pancakes--just hold on the ice cream for breakfast!

Part of the fun of sampling new recipes is adding your own unique flair. So let your creative side loose in the kitchen with our Thanksgiving 2.0 selections. Your "third day" meal may even become a treasured family tradition.