Couple’s Unexpected Wedding Guests Will Make You Say “Aww”

posted: 09/04/15
by: TLCme

When Lauren and Erick Fix posed for their wedding pictures, they never could have imagined the surprise guests that would show up. But out of the woods near their Stockton, New Jersey, wedding venue came a herd of deer who posed so perfectly it's hard to believe that they weren't actually Photoshopped in after the fact.

But Ian Christmann, the photographer who took the now iconic shot, says that the he and the Fix's actually had quite a lot of maneuvering to do to get the perfect wedding photo. The deer had been lingering near the edge of the private property the wedding was held on for most of the day, so it was a matter of somehow getting near to them without spooking them off.

"During dinner, just around sunset, quite a few deer appeared at the edge of the woods, so we crept over to them while they were eating some food on the ground," he told BuzzFeed News. "They were bit a jittery but they hung around long enough for us to grab a few shots."

The photo's now been viewed on social media more than 4 million times.

Lauren, who is an actress, and Erick, who is a screenwriter, met four years ago while working on a film together. Erick actually proposed to Lauren while the two were on set.

Maybe the best set of all was the one they magically created on their wedding day, though?