Couple Married for 65 Years Surprisingly Honest About Keeping “The Spark” Alive

posted: 03/24/16
by: TLCme

Given that the divorce rate is still hovering around 50 percent (though the trend has been showing signs of reversing a bit of late), it can be surprising to find a couple who's stayed married more than 20 years. If you happen to find a marriage that's lasted more than six decades, you better believe you'd ask them what their secret is.

Such was the case with the videographer at this wedding when he happened upon a man and woman who've been married 65 years (yes, 65!). Their interactions are beyond adorable, from the wife "translating" the questions into the ear of her hard-of-hearing husband to her pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose for him when they start to slip.

The best part, of course, comes when they're asked how they keep "the spark" alive after all of these years. We love the brutal honesty!