Counting On: Meet the Husbands

posted: 07/06/17
by: Emily Livermore

With Joy Anna and Austin's wedding behind us, now 4 of our favorite Duggar sisters are married! Let's take a minute to get to know their guys a little better.


Married Joy Anna in May 2017
Age: 23
From: Arkansas, USA
Bio: Austin was friends with Joy Anna for almost 15 years before he asked her father's permission to start an official courtship and eventually propose to her. He is a talented builder and uses those skills to flip houses, skills he has even been teaching Joy Anna. Austin also loves nature and that was evident in his proposal to her. The two of them took a trail ride on horseback to one of his favorite wooded spots which is where he got down on one knee.

Watch their wedding here: https://www.tlcgo.com/counting-on/joys-wedding/

Joy and Austin’s Love Story
Lissa Chandler Photography/DCL


Married Jinger in November 2016
Age: 29
From: Pennsylvania, USA
Bio: Jeremy is currently a pastor but before that, soccer was a huge part of his life--he has played since he was 7 years old! He was studying finance at Syracuse University when he left to fulfill a life-long dream of being a professional soccer player. The Duggar family came into his life once he met Jessa and Ben Seewald while living in San Antonio. Jeremy joined the Seewalds and the rest of the Duggars on a ministry trip to South America, which is where he really got to know Jinger. Once they began courting, they quickly fell for each other and Jinger couldn't wait to visit him in his current home, Laredo, TX. Before long, Jeremy proposed to her on a rooftop in New York City.

Watch their wedding here: https://www.tlcgo.com/counting-on/the-big-day/

Jinger and Jeremy 010
Photography by Britton/TLC


Married Jessa in November 2014
Age: 22
From: Arkansas, USA
Bio: Ben graduated from National Park College in Hot Springs, Arkansas with a degree in Political Science. In his free time, he loves to get outside and play sports, specifically football. Ben's family attended the Duggar's church and Ben spotted Jessa right away. He went all out with his proposal by sending Jessa on a scavenger hunt which led to him getting down on one knee in a chapel at the very end.

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Brandon Otto


Married Jill in June 2014
Age: 28
From: Arkansas, USA
Bio: Derick is a man that has always had a passion for volunteering and service. He attended Oklahoma State University for a bachelor's degree in business administration but as soon as he graduated he headed to Nepal. He spent 2 years helping Nepalese refugees through various service projects. This is where he met Jill's dad. After working together, Derick was able to get Jill's number from him and got to know her via Skyping and texting. Even though they both had roots in Arkansas, the first time they met in person was in Nepal! When the time came for Derick to propose, he wrote a song for Jill and had a country singer serenade her with it.

Watch some of their relationship highlights and peak into their life together now on the "Israel Meets Spurgeon" episode: https://www.tlcgo.com/counting-on/israel-meets-spurgeon/

Derick and Jill

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