Could Permanent Tattoos Become a Thing of The Past?

posted: 11/09/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Temporary tattoos have long been the territory of kids and kids' parties, and they've certainly never been admired for their intricate artwork that we know of. One company is looking to change that.

Take a look at the work of Momentary Ink, which specializes in "try-on tattoos," but we're more inclined to think of them as a nice alternative to what would otherwise be a lifelong decision.

The way it works is this: say you're considering a tattoo, and you've lined up a tattoo artist to design your ink, but you're not quite sure you're ready to make a forever commitment to art on your body. What Momentary Ink does is take that art and make it into a transferable decal (for lack of a better term, but much more sophisticated than that), which you then adhere to your skin and wear for 3-to-10 days.

Even the most tattoo-obsessed would be hard pressed to see these as "fake tattoos," especially because they're designed by actual tattoo artists (assuming that's where you get the design you send them).

Here are some more photos from Momentary Inkers:

I think I'll be getting this tattoo after all!!!! #momentaryink #gladigottoseeitfirst @momentary_ink

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We think they look pretty great, and wish they'd have been around when we were 19 and seemingly invincible in our decision-making and are still living with that some 20 years later.

(Photos courtesy of Momentary Ink)