Cooking Hacks That Will Help You Get Meals on the Table Faster

posted: 03/27/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Trying to get dinner on the table can feel like a never-ending task. By the time to chop, peel, boil and grill everything you're almost too tired to eat. Dinner doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. Imagine if you could make cooking simple, easy and something you would actually enjoy doing! These genius hack will save you time and stress in the kitchen and help you put meals on the table in no time!

  1. Invest in a meat tenderizer

A meat tenderizer is an essentially a cooking hammer that allows you to pound out the meat to a thinner more even surface. Not only does this allow the meat to cook evenly, but it cuts the entire cooking process in half. Your chicken or steak will be done with just a few minutes on each side!

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  1. Utilize your food processor

Don't spend 20 minutes doing monotonous chopping of ingredients. Let your food processor do all of the work for you! Just add your onions, carrots or whatever you need to chop into the processer and pulse until you get the desired size. This will save you so much time in the kitchen!

  1. Boil less water

Waiting for water to boil can feel like a never-ending step in making your meal. However, a lot of people use a lot more water than they need. It is a common myth that you need a lot of water to allow pasta to cook properly and to prevent them from sticking. However, you only need enough water to just cover the pasta! This will allow your water to boil faster so you can eat sooner!

  1. Use boneless meat

While bone-in meats have tons of flavor, they take a lot longer to cook. Make your life simple, and on those busy weeknights, just use boneless. This easy hack will cut down your cooking time and allow you to spend more time enjoying a meal with your family.

  1. Let the store help you out

Don't be afraid to let the store help you out. Save yourself time with store bought shortcuts like pasta sauce, pre-cooked rice and frozen vegetables. These simple things will save you tons of time in the kitchen. If you don't need to make it from scratch, don't bother! Grocery stores have tons of amazing options that you can utilize to make your cooking process stress-free.

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At the end of a long day, no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen. With these easy hacks, you will cut your cooking time in half. Just a few shortcuts can make a huge difference and allow you to get a meal on the table in no time!