Community Comes Together To Support Farmer With Terminal Cancer

posted: 10/14/15
by: TLCme
town harvests corn
Photos courtesy of Rumbold & Kuhn, Pioneer, Yargher Machinery Sales, Roger Luft & Jason Bates

Carl Bates of Galva, Illinois, has terminal cancer and not much time left. He's been in hospice care and hasn't been able to properly take care of his 450-acre corn farm. Thankfully, though, Bates has a lot of friends and family that love him.

Last month, Carl's cousin Dan began hatching a plan to help Carl harvest this year's corn crop. "Everybody kind of came running," he said. "It all just exploded from there."

He spoke with Carl's neighbors and friends and got together a crew of more than 40 people who brought together 10 combines, 12 grain carts, and 16 semi trucks, and harvested all 450 acres of the Bates farm in less than 10 hours. The entire crop normally takes about a week to harvest, but working together, Carl's family and friends were able to get it all done in less than a day.

The image of the 10 combines working in tandem was incredible, and thankfully, Carl was well enough to see at least part of it.

Carl even made an appearance! Photo courtesy of John Bates

"With all the kind thoughts and prayers, it's been very humbling and heartfelt and has meant a lot to the family," Bates told the Today Show. "We are all dumbfounded that this story has traveled so far and done so much."