Colored Mascaras Are Back — and Bolder Than Ever!

posted: 05/20/16
by: Mara Betsch
cara delevingne colored mascara

Colored mascaras aren't new. In fact, your mom probably wore them in the '80s (along with her perm and puffy sleeves). But this bold eye makeup is getting a revamp, and we have a feeling you'll be seeing blue, green, and even gold mascara in the near future.

YSL Beauty just launched their newest mascara line, vinyl couture, including everything from "I'm the Excitement" green to "I'm The Madness" fuschia to "I'm The Storm" black sparkle topcoat. Especially with summer right around the corner, these bold hues are in line with the bright colors we're seeing on red carpets. They're meant to be mixed and matched, as you can see in the ad above, starring supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Admittedly, these looks won't exactly work in an office environment, but even if you don't wear a lot of eye makeup, there are more low-key ways to rock colored mascara. Beauty blogger Simply Sona shows us how to wear blue hue with ease, and the color is especially flattering on brown eyed beauties.

Though YSL's collection is new, it's far from the only mascara available. Butter London, Dior, and Benefit Cosmetics (among plenty of others) have multicolored mascaras on shelves as well.

So are you ready to try them? For someone like me, who isn't so great at eyeshadow, colored mascaras might be the perfect way to introduce a little color to a beauty routine and they'd also be perfect for bachelorette parties or other themed events. Which colors would you rock?