Coffee Filter Hacks

posted: 08/16/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Coffee filters might not seem useful other than helping you make a cup of joe every morning, but these thin paper filters are much useful than you think. From cleaning, to making your manicure look amazing, to improving your photography skills, these coffee filter hacks are not only genius, but hacks you'll want to try today.

1.) If you're moving, place coffee filters between your plates and bowls when you pack dishes to keep them from breaking or scratching.

2.) Take pictures like a pro and stop red-eye and overexposed close-ups by turning your coffee filter into a makeshift diffuser for your camera flash.

3.) In a pinch, you can use coffee filters as cupcake and muffin liners.

4.) Get more flavor in soups, stews, and sauces without having to get messy and dig out the stems of herbs after cooking by using a coffee filter and stirring to make a bouquet for the herbs.

5.) If you've got a green thumb and want to help your indoor plants looking great, place a coffee filter at the bottom of your pots and planters. The coffee filter keeps soil from leaking out with the water and making a mess.

6.) Since coffee filters are lint-free, they make the perfect rags for cleaning the inside of your car and electronics. Use leather cleaner or dab the filter with a bit of olive oil to buff the dashboard, console and seats of your car or spray a little glass cleaner for your electronics.

7.) Make homemade dryer sheets by adding a few drops of essential oil and white vinegar to coffee filters. Store the coffee filters and the mixture in a sealed container then toss into your laundry for soft and great smelling clothes.

8.) Save yourself from spills and splatters in the microwave by covering your food with a cover filter while it's in the microwave.

9.) By adding a few drops essential oils to herbs, dried flowers, spices, and two tablespoons of baking soda, you can create a sachet that can be placed in all of your drawers, closets, stinky shoes, or gym bags.

10.) Give yourself a quick mani and pedi but skip the cotton balls. Use a coffee filter to remove nail polish quickly. You'll be shocked at how much faster polish removal can be.

11.) If you're a cast iron skillet fan, store it with a coffee filter to soak up extra moisture and keep it from rusting.

12.) Serving up snacks but don't want to use different bowls? Just pour the snacks into coffee filters and place into one large bowl. Now your snacks won't mix and you only have one dish to clean.