Christopher Reeve’s Son is Helping People Living With Paralysis Play with Their Kids

posted: 05/11/16
by: Amanda Mushro

When Will Reeve, the son of the late Superman star, Christopher Reeve, was a child, he dreamed of playing catch with his dad. After a horseback riding accident left his father paralyzed in 1995, those games of catch couldn't happen.

Will, now 23, is carrying on the work his father and mother started when they began the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in supporting victims of spinal cord injuries, and has announced the creation of Adaptoys, which are versions of popular toys that have been adapted so that those living with paralysis can join in on family fun.

From a pitching system that is voice-activated and a race car that runs on sip-and-puff technology, using a straw and turns with head tilts, Adaptoys have partnered with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to take these toys from prototypes to getting them to families that are ready to play.

Former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed during a football game, and Donna Lowich, a grandmother of three, are featured in the emotional Adaptoys video and share how they are finally able to be active participants when playing with their loved ones.

Will hopes to raise awareness about Adaptoys and encourage people to help fund the production of more toys so they can be given to families for free. Will tells People: "The simple act of playing brings people closer together. Everyone deserves that chance," and says his father would have loved to race cars with him when he was a child.