Chrissy Teigen’s Self Tanner Mishap Reminds Us to Use These Steps When Getting a Faux Glow

posted: 05/17/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Chrissy Teigen is an open book on her social media accounts, and we love the new mom for it. From her adorable pics of newborn baby Luna to this hilarious shot of her self tanner fail, she shares the good and the bad.

If you're like Chrissy and want a natural glow without the damaging effect of the sun (definitely a smart choice!), self tanner is the way to go. But if applying tan-in-a-can at home makes you a little nervous (no one wants to end up orange, streaky or with wrecked bed sheets) we've got everything you need to apply self tanner like a pro. Just follow these seven simple steps.

Exfoliate from head to toe

To prevent your tan from going on splotchy or uneven, exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin cells that will ruin your glow. Start with an oil-free exfoliator--the oil will stay on your skin and make the tanner streaky. Try using a textured scrub gloves or a nylon polishing towel in the shower right before you apply tanner.

Prep like a pro

Use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to any place you don't want your tan to stain, like your cuticles, nail beds, eyebrows, and your lips. Add extra moisturizer to your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Since these parts of your body tend to be drier, they'll absorb more color and will leave you looking splotchy. If you're not wearing gloves when applying, add a little extra lotion to the palms of your hands and in between your fingers so excess stain will come off easily. Finally, be sure your skin is completely dry and cover the area you'll be working with old towels.


Starting at your ankles and working your way up, apply the tanner in long, even strokes. Keep streaks away by not rubbing the tanner into your skin. If you don't have a helping hand to reach your back and the back of your neck, try this tanning hack: Attach a tanning mitt to a brush for all those hard to reach places.

Strike a pose

To get an even coloring everywhere, you'll need some interesting poses. Bend your fingers to look like a claw to get color in your knuckle creases and flex your muscles to get color under your arms.


Get the tanner off your hands before the color sets by using makeup remover or an exfoliator. No one wants orange palms!

Drying time

If you're in a hurry, use the cool setting of your blow-dryer over your skin to speed up the process. Otherwise you'll need a full 15 minutes before getting dressed or laying down.


The color will fully develop in eight hours so in order to get the best tan, take lukewarm showers and moisturize often.