Chrissy Teigen’s Post-Baby Crop-Top Tummy and 11 Other Celeb Mother’s Day Photos

posted: 05/09/16
by: Blythe Copeland
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  • Kim Kardashian in a matching outfit with mom Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian.

    The Kardashians & Kris

    The Kardashians each honored mom Kris in their own way: Kim shared a photo of her and Kris in matching outfits when Kim was a young girl; Khloe posted a photo of her with Kris, calling her mom, “…my superhero, my inspiration, my miss fix it, my problem solver, my expert-in-everything, and most importantly my very best friend”; and Kylie showed off a photo of the family wearing shirts bearing Kris’s face. Kourtney chose a photo of Kris striking a pose and also included a photo of her own children, writing, “Feeling overwhelmed with love and blessings being able to be a mommy to these three angel babies. My favorite role in life so far is being a mommy and getting to see life through their eyes.”

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    Connie Britton Honors Son's Birth Mother

    Connie Britton posted a photo of her with her son, Eyob, writing, “…Today I have been thinking a lot about my son's birth mother - quite possibly the greatest hero of my life. And of so many women around the world mothering under extreme and adverse circumstances. Being a mother is the dearest gift, the greatest journey, the wisest teacher, and the most difficult work in any lifetime…All mothers feel love. All mothers feel despair. All mothers feel deep responsibility, and with that, sometimes failure and sometimes fulfillment. We should worship them and forgive them. And lift them up as the queens they are.”

  • Chrissy Teigen three weeks after giving birth.
    Image Credit: Instagram

    Chrissy Teigen's Post-Baby Crop Top & Kimono

    John Legend shared two images of wife Chrissy Teigen’s first Mother’s Day: First, one of Chrissy holding new baby Luna’s foot while she sleeps, followed by an “I’d hate her if I didn’t love her”-inducing photo of Chrissy making brunch -- in a crop-top, three weeks postpartum.

  • Jessica Biel with her sweet baby, Silas.

    Justin Timberlake Loves His Baby Mama Jessica Biel

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel posted the same photo of baby Silas snuggling Biel while showing off an “I (heart) mom” outfit. Biel paired hers with a message wishing her own mom a happy Mother’s Day and telling “all moms everywhere” she’d be raising a glass in their honor, while Timberlake wrote, “M.I.L.F. Alert!!!! Happy Mother's Day to this AMAZING MOM AND WIFE. And, to all of the Mother's out there... You keep the World turning!! Hope every single one of you has an amazing day! --JT”

  • Drew Barrymore with her mom, Jaid.

    Drew Barrymore Thanks Her Mom

    Drew Barrymore celebrated with three different Mother’s Day shots: One captioned, “Three generations,” showing her with daughter Frankie and mother-in-law Coco Kopelman; another with Kopelman and Jill Kagrman; and one of her as a child with her own mother, Jaid Barrymore, which she captioned with hastags: "#oldschool #happymothersdsy #thankyoumom #1982."

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    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is "Lucky"

    The Rock asked his mom to share one of her favorite photos of the two of them. He may have been “hoping for a pic where I'm less dork”, but that didn’t stop him from honoring his mom, writing “I’m a lucky son to have a mom like you. And I'm a grateful son as well to watch you inspire all of those around you with your love, kindness and strength. Thank you.. for everything.”

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    Uzo Aduba Honors "The Gift of My Mother"

    "Orange is the New Black" star Uzo Aduba also took a moment to wish her mom a happy Mother’s Day, writing, “I continue to stand in gratitude for the gift of my mother, for her strength, courage, and power. I love you more than everything, and I honor you today and everyday,” alongside a sweet photo of the two together.

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    Olivia Wilde's Mom Saves Her From Falling

    Olivia Wilde honored her own mom with a vintage photo of the two of them from Olivia’s childhood — and the caption, “Stopping me from rolling off the couch since '84. ❤ T H A N K Y O U#motherlove”.

  • Reese Witherspoon with Diane Ladd, Laura Dern, and her mom.

    Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Mother's Day with Awesome Ladies

    Reese Witherspoon shared her day with her “own sweet mom,” Diane Ladd, and Laura Dern, writing, “Sharing our love for the world, the arts and our wonderful kids...and lots of cookies”.

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    Rumer Loves Demi Moore

    Rumer Willis also went with a throwback photo of herself with mom Demi Moore, keeping her message short and sweet: “Happy Mother’s Day Beauty I love you mama”.

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    Viola Davis Looks Stunning with Her Stunning Mom

    Viola Davis shared a picture of her with her mom but also used the caption to honor mothers everywhere, writing, “To all who give, nurture, love when it isn't even deserved, put themselves second, third...last. To the multi-taskers, the dream giver up'ers, the grievers, the prayer warriors, the MOTHERS.....Happy happy day to you. God has anointed you all and the world is better for you!!!” She followed it with a photo of her with her own daughter, Genesis, captioned simply, “My Blessing!!!”

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    Kendra Wilkinson Thanks Kids for Making Her Happy (Even with Stretch Marks)