Chore Charts That Will Make Your Kids Excited About Chores

posted: 07/12/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Let's face it. Sometimes it can be hard to get the kids to clean their rooms and pick up their toys. We know how important it is for kids to do chores in order to understand responsibility. But don't worry! We have some fun, easy chore charts to get your kids excited about helping out around the house. These ideas will provide incentive for your kids to help but will also help them feel accomplished for completing tasks!

Fidget Spinner Chore Chart

Take one of the dozen fidget spinners you probably laying around the house and put it to good use! This is like the wheel of fortune, chore style. Have your child spin to find out which chore they will be doing that day. They will be excited to spin this chore wheel everyday!

Lego Chore Chart

Make this board fun and theme it based on your child's favorite things. All you have to do is glue legos in a line aside each chore. Every time you child completes a chore they can attach a lego on top. When every row fills up with legos form completed chores you can give them a reward of your choice!

Chore Punch Card

This chore is great if you have a little extra time to make these cards. Create these cards on the computer and print them on cardstock paper. Every time your child completes a chore you punch a hole in the card. Such a creative idea!

Autumn came down the stairs today like always and announced that she had made her bed. She has a few little daily chores that she does and today for some reason I was reminded of these punchable chore cards I used to sell. I dug out a pack and she got started - 1 punch for making her bed, and 1 punch for doing the silverware. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of doing chores for a reward - the reward she's so excited about is getting 10 holes punched ? . . . . #parentinghack #parentingwin #chorechart #choresforkids #homeschoolpreschool #morningchoreshelper #morningchorescomplete #choresarefun #choresdoneright #creativeparenting #parentingwintoday #kidswhodochores #etsytribe #punchcard #momminglikeaboss #mommingtothemax #pickyourbattleswisely #lifewithkidsisneverboring #chorechartsuccess #chorechartforthewin #makersgonnamake #makermama #creativemotherhood #gettingstuffdonetoday #healthyhabitsstartyoung #startyoungstartnow

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Level Game Chore Chart

This is a great idea to add some fun competition to chores! Set up this chore chart on a magnet white board. But for an added twist, make levels. The more chores completed the faster you move up a level. The higher the level the more chores they have but the better rewards they receive. This will make your kids want to do chores!

I need to tell all my peeps what I discovered. This could be the answer to ALL my problems (well, at least most of them). I love a new idea and once I'm convinced I go all in. And I'm all in. @familydodots is how we're going to roll this summer and into the rest of our lives (or until Lola is 18). Today was the first day implementing the new program and the kids are pretty excited. It's going to take some work and I'll need to be on my game on the daily but feeling confident. I'll keep you posted. Have you tried #familydodots ? Tell me what you think, what you've learned. Thanks @lychday for the genius idea. (Gotta love Squeezing Gib off the chart because it's becoming more and more temporary but I don't want him to think he doesn't have to do chores)

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White Board Chore Chart

This is a classic chore chart that is great for younger kids. This is perfect for children who are just starting to complete chores. It is very simple and easy to complete, but a great way to get your child excited about their daily tasks.

DIY Magnet Chores

These DIY magnet chores are the perfect incentive for your child to complete tasks around the house. On the card write a small reward. Whether its 50 cents or a cookie, this is a great way to reward your child for helping around the house.

Let's see how well this works ? #diymagnets #tattooedmarthastewart

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