Chip Gaines Runs His First Marathon—Sporting a Tool Belt

posted: 05/10/18
by: Amanda Mushro

via Starcasm

Fans of the HGTV show Fixer Upper know that Chip Gaines has a lot of energy. But on Sunday he turned his energy from demo on a house to running a marathon. While many runners keep accessories to a minimum, Chip added his own personal style to marathon day by running in his tool belt.

Back in January, Chip announced he was training for his first marathon, and when he finished his 26.2 miles, his wife Joanna was waiting at the finish line for him. The soon-to-be mom of five posted pictures and videos of her husband running the Silo District Marathon on Instagram: "YOU DID IT!!" she wrote, sharing a picture of her husband crossing the finish line.

Typical marathon attire for most runners are shirts and shorts, but true to his own personal style, Chip wore a leather tool belt that had straps that hung to his knees and was supported by suspenders.

After the race, Chip posted a picture of his truck covered in handwritten notes from friends and fans congratulating Chip on his first marathon. "There's something powerful about sharing your dreams with others. Seeing all your posts on my truck was a great reminder of that. Writing down your dream was the 1st step, now take the next & next & don't stop until YOUR dream comes true," Chip captioned the photo.

While Joanna watched each mile of the race from a golf cart, two of his daughters- Ella, 11, and Emmie, 8 -- joined their dad at various points in the race. Talk about a family affair.

While finishing a marathon is a pretty spectacular feat, Chip's first marathon wasn't just for the glory. Chip and Joanna hosted the race, which attracted over 6,000 runners. All proceeds from the marathon are donated to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation, in honor of Chip's friend Gabe Grunewald, a mid-distance runner who's been battling cancer since 2009. Brave Like Gabe is a charity that supports research for rare cancers and promotes physical activity in survivors.