Children Taken From Couple After ‘Prank’ Videos Went Too Far

posted: 06/14/17
by: TLCme
Maryland Prank Couple Apologizing
Daddy O Five YouTube

Michael and Heather Martin are a couple who subside in Maryland who racked up millions of views on YouTube for playing elaborate, what they called "pranks" on their 5 children, 2 of which are adopted. According to the New York Times, after criticism and uproar online, the biological mother of the 2 adopted children has obtained a court order for temporary custody.

At first the parents defended their videos claiming they were "harmless family fun" that the children enjoyed and were not to be taken seriously. In the videos the couple verbally berates their children, sometimes turning what appears to be physical - and often times to the point of tears. The Martins claim that the tears were just an act. In an interview with Good Morning America the couple would not reveal how much money they made, but it was enough to start a college fund.

The couple has issued an apology that has garnered over 4.4M views, and many thumbs down vote. The "prank" videos have been removed but some users have saved footage, which is difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand how any parent could justify these as "harmless pranks" especially to young children. Furthermore, they left the watermark on their apology video, as if they hoped to gain more followers.