Cheesy Ways to Celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day

posted: 01/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro

What do you call cheese that is sad? Blue Cheese! What do you say when someone tries to steal your cheese? "Hey! That's nacho cheese!"

Enough with the cheesy jokes because today is a foodie's dream day because it's National Cheese Lovers Day. From gouda, cheddar, asiago, and feta, if you love cheese on just about anything, today is the day to slice it up, melt it on, and start dipping your favorite cheese. For some cheesy inspiration, here's a few delicious recipes where cheese takes center stage.

Greek Fried Cheese
Salt and Lavender
For a delicious cheese appetizer that is crunchy on the outside and melty goodness on the inside, try Saganaki, which is a Greek fried cheese. If you ordered this dish at a restaurant, it would be flamb?ed at your table. Luckily, if you are making this dish at home, you don't need to set anything on fire! Be sure to top off the Saganaki with lots of lemon juice and be sure to eat it while it's still hot.
Cheesy Fondue
Mels Kitchen Cafe

Make cheese the star of dinner with this cheese fondue recipe. Some fondue recipes call for beer or wine, but this family friendly fondue is full of flavor without the booze, and is perfect even for your youngest cheese lover. Set out an assortment of bread, veggies, fruit, and pieces of meat to dip in the melted cheese.


Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese
Recipe Girl

If grilled cheese is your favorite vehicle for eating melted cheese, try this fun and flavorful version that is a brie, apples and cranberry grilled cheese. Use sourdough bread to hold all of this yummy goodness together and enjoy your delicious sandwich at lunch or dinner.

Goat Cheese Cherry
Love and Olive Oil

Having cheese for dessert doesn't have to be just cheesecake or cream cheese filling. This cherry and goat cheese panna cotta is rich and creamy and is a surprisingly sweet cheese treat. Serve this panna cotta in a mini mason jar for an adorable presentation.

goat cheese pastry
Porta and Fin

Your regular breakfast sandwich probably has contains cheese, but in honor of National Cheese Lover's Day, upgrade your breakfast to this bacon, egg, and goat cheese pastry. It's so pretty you'll want to serve it at your next brunch.