Check Your Cart! Here’s What You Should and Should Not Buy in Bulk

posted: 09/05/17
by: Amanda Mushro

When you walk into a store, it can be tempting to buy your favorite items in bulk. Who doesn't want to a huge case of their favorite yogurt? And we could all use 3 million napkins, right? However, bigger isn't always better. Sure shopping at warehouse stores can help us to shop less and often save money, but not for every item. Before you start loading up your cart, here's what you should grab and what you should leave behind when it comes to buying in bulk.

What to Grab:

  • Cleaning Supplies- From dishwasher soap to glass cleaner, if you have room to store these large containers, they are good buy.
  • Oatmeal, Dry Pasta and Rice- Because these items have a long shelf life, you'll save big buying these in bulk.
  • Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soap, Hair Products, and Diapers- If you know you'll use them, go ahead and stock up.
  • Office Supplies and Light Bulbs- These items are great for buying in bulk and will come in handy when you need an extra pen or pencil or a light burns out.

What to Skip

  • Canned Vegetables- Shopping experts agree, you save more money and more veggies by watching sale prices at your grocery store. So skip the giant canned veggies and watch sale flyers instead.
  • Cereal- Same goes for cereal. Of course you never want to run out of your favorite breakfast food, but you can save money and get more cereal by clipping coupons and stocking up then.
  • Bleach- Since bleach only has a shelf life of about six months, you'll waste a lot of money with the super-sized bottles. If you need bleach, pick it up as needed.
  • Skin Care Products- Skin Care in bulk is a no-no for two reasons. First you might find your skin care product in a large tub. As you dip your fingers into the tub day after day, you could be contaminating and spreading germs into the product. Second, the shelf live for these products once opened is usually a few months. Even if you are serious about your skincare, you won't be able to use the entire container.