Check Out the 7 Little Johnstons’ Favorite Holiday Traditions

posted: 12/22/16

Written by Amber Johnston

One of our annual Christmas traditions is visiting our favorite Santa Clause! The kids haven't always enjoyed sitting on his lap, but they've all grown to love him! We've also made a tradition of all seven of us celebrating Christmas Eve with Trent's entire family. We indulge in a big meal prepared by the whole family, exchange gifts, and share memories - something that's becoming more and more important as Poppy gets older.

Gift giving has actually become one of my favorite holiday traditions. Our kids always make it a priority to buy gifts for one another, along with our two cute dogs! They'll scrounge up some money or use leftover birthday money to buy the presents. If they ever don't have the means to buy for everyone, they'll get creative and DIY the gifts. You know what they say, "Homemade gifts are the best gifts!" Luckily our family is a legend at DIYs. It makes Trent and my heart smile to see the love they have for each other and the effort they put into making the holidays special for everyone!

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