Charcoal Facemasks Look Crazy But Here’s Why You’ll Want to Try It

posted: 02/16/17
by: Amanda Mushro

When you think of charcoal it's usually for a barbecue, but now a grilling staple needs to become part of your beauty ritual. If you're checking out which facemasks your favorite beauty bloggers are trying, you might be startled when you see their faces covered in what looks like thick black tar. However, these crazy looking masks are actually made from activated charcoal, and according to some, are working wonders to leave their skin clean and smooth. If you are looking to change up your skincare regiment, here's a few reasons so many people are loving charcoal masks.

Charcoal is great at absorbing oil and dirt so when it's added to a face mask or face wash, the charcoal works like a magnet to grab toxins in your pores. When you wash off the mask, the toxins are washed away too.

No matter what type of skin you have, charcoal is a great option for cleansing and exfoliating, especially for oily or acne prone skin.

While you can find charcoal in expensive skincare products, you'll be about to find it inexpensive washes and masks as well. So no matter your price point, you can have a spa day at home and give charcoal a try.

Facemasks are a great way to pamper yourself and if you don't want to shell out money for a charcoal mask, you can DIY your own with charcoal tablets.

If you have congestion around your t-zone, a peel off charcoal mask works like a pore strip to pull out blackheads.