Chantel and Pedro’s Journey So Far

posted: 06/27/17
by: Emily Livermore

Be Careful With Pedro

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Chantel's friend warns her to be careful with Pedro.

Chantel, a cheerleading instructor from Atlanta, never expected to meet her fiance by learning Spanish via Skype. But her tutor Pedro, from the Dominican Republic, ended up stealing her heart. In a whirlwind romance, Chantel visited Pedro in the DR a few times before he proposed on her third visit! Then came the hard part: Chantel needed the courage to tell her parents. Because Chantel kept her engagement a secret, she and Pedro caused a lot of drama. Here are just some of the hurdles they hit on their journey to the altar.

Pedro's Arrival
Pedro came to the U.S. on a K-1 visa, giving him 90 days to marry Chantel or go back to the Dominican Republic. That meant Chantel had only 90 days for her family to warm up to him, since they didn't even know the two were engaged! The first dinner with Chantel's family did not go as planned. Chantel told them that Pedro was in the U.S. on a student visa. But Pedro's lack of English caused skepticism. The 90 days were ticking away and Chantel's family did not trust Pedro in the slightest.

Chantel's Dad vs Pedro
Pedro knew Chantel's dad was protective, but he did not expect an interrogation. Pedro used his lack of English to dodge her dad's tough questions, but Chantel's father didn't buy it. Chantel's parents could sense their daughter was hiding something, and time was running out for her to tell them the truth.

The Big Reveal
With a lot of pressure from her best friend and only a few days left on Pedro's visa, Chantel knew it was time to tell her parents. She knew they would be upset but never expected her parents and her brother to be so hurt by the lies. The disapproval and shock of her family overpowered her excitement for the wedding.

Chantel and River
The biggest surprise to Chantel was the reaction of her brother, River. Chantel kept a huge secret from him and he felt completely betrayed. Even when she tried to apologize, River did not hold back his negative feelings towards Pedro and the relationship as a whole. He couldn't forgive her and it seemed unlikely that he would attend the wedding at all.

Apology...Not Accepted
In an attempt to make things right with her parents, Chantel and Pedro met with them to formally apologize for keeping the engagement a secret for so long. While they appreciated the act, her parents still did not trust Pedro. The only way they could get on board was if Chantel and Pedro signed a prenuptial agreement.

Pedro's Mother
Feeling offended by the distrust of Chantel's parents, Pedro called his mother. Telling her about the prenup did not go over well, and their conversation quickly became heated. Stress levels were high and this translated into tension between Chantel and Pedro. After a long discussion, the couple agreed that the prenup was worth signing to get Chantel's parents on board.

Wedding Day
Time was up and their big day arrived with no dress, no rings, and a slim chance of Chantel's family attending the ceremony. And without time to draw up a proper prenup, the couple had to settle for a generic one and risk her parent's disapproval. Chantel stressed, while her best friend did her best to take care of preparations. Even with Pedro trying to maintain positivity, Chantel channeled her stress into anger towards her soon-to-be husband.

Last Chances
It was the moment of truth and it looked like Chantel's best friend would be the only attendant of the wedding. But with minutes to spare, her parents and even her brother showed up to support Chantel. Seeing how happy Pedro and Chantel were together helped them be a bit more accepting to the marriage. There is no doubt that the relationship has put strain on the family and trust is not fully established between the family and Pedro. Only time will tell if their love is one that will last forever.

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