Channing Tatum Slays 7 Different Dance Moves in 30 Seconds

posted: 07/02/15
by: Mara Betsch
channing tatum vanity fair video

Even though he's starred in huge blockbusters, buddy comedies and Oscar-nominated dramas, Channing Tatum started off with the beloved dance rom-com "Step Up." His impressive dance moves wowed audiences as well as his co-star and future wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and he's gone on to show off his skills in "Magic Mike" and the upcoming "Magic Mike XXL." But Vanity Fair recently put Tatum's dance moves to the test by challenging him to perform seven different dance moves in just 30 seconds. And he delivers! Watch him do everything from the chicken dance to voguing -- you won't be disappointed! In fact, you may be impressed by how well he imitates Madonna. Watch and enjoy!