Celebrity Chefs Come Together To Remember Where They Came From in: Unichef

posted: 10/27/16
by: TLCme
Sandra Lee with child in Haiti
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Sandra Lee in Haiti

Meals and food have always brought people together, because no matter our differences, food is something we all need. Gathering around a table with food is where some of our most tender moments in life happen, and on occasion heartbreaking -- but regardless of the occasion--a table of food brings people together.

Celebrity chefs are the starlets of the food world, and just like everyone, they have a story of how it all started. Chefs Sandra Lee, Ming Tsai and Donatella Arpaia are telling the story of how they got their start and sharing their individual message to help others. Unichef: United Through Food, is based on a cookbook by Hilary Gumbel. The special will premiere at 7/6c on TLC and there will be an encore on Discovery Family Channel at 9/8c.

The program will be a private and personal journey into the lives of the chefs, visiting the people and causes that fuel their passion to follow their dreams. The hour long special, Unichef, will take us through the philanthropic initiatives of the chefs and remind us through the power of storytelling how far the act of caring and showing compassion can go. We will see home video that captures how these individuals came to be who they are. The chefs may all have different styles and tastes, but one ingredient they have in common is their connection to their roots.