Celebrate Word Emoji Day With these Fun Emoji Facts and Share Your Favorite Emoji With Us!

posted: 07/17/17
by: Amanda Mushro
world emoji day
world emoji day

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an emoji can say a million different things. These tiny characters have changed the way we communicate our thoughts and emotions every day. So it's no wonder the entire world is celebrating our love for emojis with World Emoji Day. In celebration of very special day, here are a few fun facts about our favorite emoticons.

  • The title of Most Popular Emoji goes to the "Laugh Until You Cry Face." This emoji is the most used on social media as well as in texts. Second place goes to "Face with Heart Eyes." We're glad to see that so much joy is being shared through emoji use.
  • We use a lot of emojis. In fact, five billion emoji are sent every single day on Facebook Messenger alone.
  • July 17th is dubbed World Emoji Day for the most practical reason. The "calendar" emoji has the default date of July 17.
  • While the "Laugh Until Your Cry" emoji is the most popular here in the United Stated and across the pond in England, the most popular emoji in France is the winking face, and in Spain, the blowing kisses has emoji lead title.
  • If you have something to say, chances are there is an emoji for it. There are now 2,666 official emoji.
  • One of the most misused emoji is the folded hands. Many believe it to be a sign for a high five; however, it is intended for a person who is praying or sending prayers. Same goes for the face with one drop of sweat. It may look like a crying face but is really meant to be "disappointment but relieved". But we still feel like the meaning of an emoji is in the eye of the user.


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