Celebrate National Tequila Day with Recipes Packed with Tequila Flavor

posted: 07/24/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Grab some salt and a slice of lime because it's National Tequila Day. If you can't throw back an ice cold shot of tequila or mix up a frothy margarita to celebrate, why not use tequila in a few tasty recipes. Tequila adds so much flavor to chicken, shrimp, and steak, but also adds a unique taste to veggies and desserts. So if you needed an excuse to start happy hour early, celebrate National Tequila Day with a few of these tequila inspired foods.

tequila shrimp
The Lemon Bowl

Serve tequila lime shrimp over pasta or wrap it up in warm tortillas for a quick and delish dinner tonight.

Fried Tequila Shots
Lemons for Lulu

Don't skip dessert on National Tequila Day because now you can enjoy these tasty bites. Fried Tequila Shots have angel food cake dipped in tequila and fried just until golden. Sprinkle each nugget with powdered sugar and dipped in a lime sauce for a boozy sweet treat.

Tequila Lime Coleslaw
The Chunky Chef

Instead of the traditional sweet and tangy coleslaw, try tequila lime coleslaw. Pile it on top of a delicious burger, sprinkle it on tacos, have it as a side to grilled flank steak or just enjoy this yummy dish on its own.

tequila cilantro and lime chicken
paleo mg

This is not your regular chicken. Spice up dinner with tequila cilantro and lime chicken for a fresh take on dinner tonight.

Shrimp Pasta

Craving a little pasta tonight? You'll enjoy every bite of the fun flavors in tequila fettuccine pasta. Each noodle is coated in lime-cream sauce and is topped with tequila marinated chicken.

Tequila Nachos
The Cookie Rookie

I love sheet pan dinners because they are quick and have little clean up. This tequila lime sheet pan chicken nachos are great for feeding a crowd! This Tex-Mex dish is perfect for dinner or as an appetizer.

Pulled Port Tacos
Cake n Knife

If tacos are a regular dinner item in your house, shake up Taco Tuesday with tequila pulled pork tacos. These tacos are full of flavor and perfect for loading on your favorite toppings.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Dishing Delish

So many favorites in this dish: bacon, tequila, chipotle sauce, and chicken wings. Yes please! Be sure to make an extra-large batch of these chicken wings because you know you won't want to share.