Celebrate National Doughnut Day With One of These Crazy Doughnuts

posted: 06/03/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
  • 1/12
  • Image Credit: Instagram

    Pop Tart Doughnut

    Wake N’Bake in Carolina Beach, NC, gets imaginative with their doughnut concoctions. You can find doughnuts stuffed with Pop-Tarts, Swiss rolls, Snickers, and even an oatmeal creme pies.

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    Cotton Candy Dough-La-Mode

    District Doughnuts in New Orleans, LA, makes a cotton candy dough-la-mode dessert that brings together doughnuts, cotton candy, and ice cream.

  • Image Credit: S. Kuzma Photography

    A Doughnut Wedding Cake

    What's better than one unique flavor? Six of them! Philadelphia-based Federal Donuts creates these lovely tiered doughnut wedding cakes. The one pictured (by S. Kuzma Photography) includes coffee, blue mascarpone, chocolate cake, old fashioned glazed, pumpkin spice latte, and dark chocolate glazed varieties.

  • Image Credit: Instagram

    Bubble Gum Doughnut

    Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts uses ingredients such as bubble gum, cereal, marshmallows, and candy to create strangely delicious concoctions.

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    Everything Bagel Doughnut

    Current flavors at Blackird Donut in Boston, MA, include the everything bagel doughnut, cookies and cream, strawberry honey, and salted toffee.

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    Baked Samoa Doughnut

    At Miami’s The Salty Doughnut, you can find several unique flavors, including brown butter and sea salt, and its bestselling guava and cheese doughnut. Their Girl Scout cookie-based baked Samoa doughnut is also under 100 calories!

  • Image Credit: Instagram

    Tiramisu Doughnut

    Da VInci’s Doughnuts in Atlanta, GA, has gourmet flavors like French toast, dulce de leche, Samoa (like the Girl Scout cookie), tiramisu, and cannoli.

  • Image Credit: Instagram

    Nutella Doughnut

    At The Heavenly Doughnut Company in Birmingham, AL, you can try the Chips Ahoy! glazed doughnut, as well as coffee iced, orange-pistachio, and Nutella doughnuts.

  • Image Credit: Instagram

    The Coco Loco

    The Doughnut Project-NYC's flavors include the Wayne Wonder -- a salted chocolate glaze, with a buttered pretzel, Ritz cracker, and and potato chip crumble. Their Coco Loco Doughnut is a pineapple Jelly-filled treat with coconut milk glaze and topped with coconut flakes.

  • Image Credit: Instagram

    Bacon Maple Doughnut

    Donut Byte Labs in Portland, OR, only serves mini doughnuts, but what they lack in size, they make up for in flavor. You can get mini doughnuts in bacon maple, salted caramel, and and peanut butter cup flavors.

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    Chocolate Toffee Latte Doughnut

    Hugs & Donuts in Houston, TX, serves up flavors such as Thin Mints (another Girl Scout cookie flavor), chocolate toffee latte, and the tres leches doughnut.

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    Rose Doughnut

    NYC’s Doughnut Plant is famous for its tres leches and carrot cake doughnuts. But their creativity does stop there! Their rose mini round doughnut is filled with rose water pudding and dipped in a rose water glaze, then topped with an edible rose petal!