Can You Thank a Holiday (or a Football Championship) for Your Birth?

posted: 02/08/16
by: Briana Finelli
By now, almost everyone has seen this super cute "Super Bowl Babies Choir" commercial that attributes a city's big game victory to a not-so-coincidental spike in birth rate just nine months later. The "babies"--some a little older thanks to a 1967 Green Bay Packers win--sing about how great the championship game is for really--ahem--bringing families together.

The ad, though meant to make you laugh, is actually rooted in truth. Sporting success generally tends to affect birthrate in winning cities, causing a spike in childbirths just nine months later. (Looks like the maternity wings in Denver will be pretty busy come November!)

It doesn't end there. As it turns out, birth patterns vary by location and are affected by both current and seasonal events. For example, August is the most popular birth month. Why? Researchers think the holidays--and the love and celebrations that go along with them--encourage people to, um, celebrate behind closed doors.

Which holidays are most popular for starting families? The list might really surprise you.

10. Cinco de Mayo

9. Memorial Day

8. Mardi Gras

7. St. Patrick's Day

6. Valentine's Day

5. President's Day (?!)

4. Halloween

3. Thanksgiving

2. New Year's Eve

1. Christmas Eve

Do the math and see if you can thank a holiday for your birth! (Or don't so you never have to think about it again.)