Can You REALLY Boost Your Children’s Brain Power With Food?

posted: 09/02/16
by: Ashley Lauretta
healthy eating

You absolutely can boost your brain power with food. So, making your children specific foods during the school year can help them retain information and improve their focus. So what should you be making at home to give them the right nutrients for success?

"The brain is made fully of fat, so you should think of all of the healthy fats," explains Mandy Levy, Children's Nutrition Consultant at Nutritional Wisdom. "Avocado, fish oil, things like flax seeds--which you can put into a smoothie or baked good--all of those really good, high-quality fats."

Even better, some of these foods have nutrients you can't get any other way except through food. So adding them into your child's dinner will help their meals stay well-balance.

"As far as boosting concentration, you want to go back to those good sources of protein," includes Levy. "That is what keeps the blood sugar stable, which is the key to attention and concentration."

Good sources of protein like eggs, chicken and fish should be put into every meal of the day--especially the school day--to help keep your children alert as they move through activities and satisfied until they get home, no extra snacking needed.

Of course, a huge rule of thumb is to not let them eat sugars--of course naturally occurring ones in fruits are okay--which can lead to sugar highs and crashes, counteracting that alertness you are helping them build with proteins and healthy fats. Avoid sugary drinks or putting too many 'treats' in their lunches. For dessert, try things like vanilla greek yogurt with fresh berries or banana ice cream to help satisfy their stomachs.