Can Getting Angry Help You Get Fit?

posted: 11/02/16
by: Blythe Copeland
female boxer

Exercise junkies already know how therapeutic a great workout can be, but one UK club has put a new twist on the idea: Tantrum Club events are geared toward releasing all your pent up emotions by popping balloons, hitting stuffed objects with bats, and performing other stress-relieving activities, which you can see in this video from PopSuagr.

The workouts aren't primarily focused on burning calories; According to the Tantrum Club website, they're about letting out your suppressed, pent-up emotions which, say the founders, can lead to stress that causes everything from "a fatter bum" or "stress lines on your forehead" to a "general morose feeling of resignation and even your feelings of gloom". Releasing those feelings can make you a happier person, too: "If you suppress your anger, your frustration, or your sadness -- you also suppress your joy, your happiness, and your fulfillment."

Whether you're in it for the emotional benefits or to get your heart rate up without a gym membership, it does look like a satisfying and even cathartic way to spend an afternoon. Don't live in the UK? The club is working on international programs, but the Arlington, TX., Anger Room and Jacksonville, NC, Smash Shack are just two of the places you can go to break, shatter, and hit objects for a similar result.