Can a Happy Marriage Can Help Keep You Thin?

posted: 03/22/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Cheerful young couple in the morning at home.

If you are married to your best friend and there is no one in the world you would rather sit on the couch with and binge watch your favorite shows for hours and hours--then you know that a good marriage can be pretty sweet. Turns out, there are other perks to being happily married--like staying thin.

According to a new study, if you are in a happy and supportive marriage, you are less likely to gain weight and become obese when you are middle aged. For the study, almost 2,650 people who were married or in long-term relationships were asked about their levels of marital support and also about any strains in their relationship. Couples were also asked to rate the overall quality of their partnerships with a numerical value. Researchers tracked these responses and compared them to the weight gain of each person in the study for almost nine years.

What they found was couples who rated the quality of their marriage highly and said their partners were very supportive gained less weight over time than those who were in less supportive marriages. Researchers said that those in happy marriages gained about three-quarters of a pound less during the follow-up period and also had a 10% lower risk of obesity. In fact, for each step up on the marriage support scale, they actually gained about 1.5 fewer pounds and had a 22% lower risk of obesity.

"Our study adds to the growing evidence that positive social relationship (not just marital relationship, but greater social integration and social support in general) may be related to a number of better health and well-being outcomes," said study co-author Ying Chen, told TIME magazine. "It adds to the evidence that a positive social relationship is a health asset."

So if you want to keep the momentum going on your happy marriage or make an investment to spend some extra time with your honey, why not try a date night at home. We've got all the date night inspiration you need for a perfect couples night that doesn't require you to leave your house.