Busy Morning for Moms: Study Says They Have 26 Daily Tasks

posted: 06/21/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Busy mom
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Busy Mother Organizing Children At Breakfast In Kitchen

The next time you hear a mom say she has about a million things to do every morning, if you are feeling brave, you can tell her it's more like 26. According to one study, busy moms have an average of 26 tasks they have to complete each and every morning. No wonder we are so tired! The study also found that moms have twelve major jobs to do on any given day in addition to those 26 tasks. So if you are a fan of to-do lists, you're going to need a bigger sheet of paper to write down everything mom has to do.

Out of the 2,000 moms surveyed for the study, 80% report that it's difficult to remember everything they need to do for their family. We get it, mom brain is real! So what are all of these tasks that are getting us up early and keeping us busy? Some of the tasks moms reported include the basics like making breakfast, getting the kids dressed, and getting snacks and drinks ready for the day. Also, depending on the time of year, moms added other tasks like slathering on the sunscreen in the summer months and dressing kids in extra layers in the colder months.

Busy mom
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Moms also reported handling the less obvious daily jobs like making sure kids head to the bathroom before leaving the house and remembering appointments for everyone in the family. From homework, making grocery lists, shopping and cooking meals, moms are clocking around six hours and 45 minutes each day that is designated to taking care of their families.

Around 85% of the moms surveyed said their workload can become "too much" and that Mondays were the toughest day of the week.

So what can we do to help the busy mom in our lives? Help her out! More than 70% of the moms said they get no help from their partner, and 60% of the women say this has led to arguments with their spouses because they feel burdened with remembering everything for everyone in the family.

Moms, if you are looking to save a little time on all of your tasks, try a few of these busy mom hacks.