“Burger King Wedding” Even More Glorious Than it Sounds

posted: 07/21/15
by: Courtney Reimer

If it sounds like a couple with the last names Burger and King were destined to be married by the popular fast-food chain, well, that's because they were. The pair have known each other since grade school, at which point a guest speaker for their class said they were meant to be together. "So that's what happened," the groom, Joel Burger, told Today.com. They went on to be homecoming king and queen.

So, the Burger-King wedding became an inevitability. The icing on the cake -- or the ketchup on the burger, as the case may be -- was when Burger King decided they were so touched by the couple's love story that they decided to pay for the event. The whole thing.

And so it came to be that the couple were married last weekend in Illinois, where they live. And indeed, there were Burger King branded Mason jars, the groomsmen wore Burger King T-shirts under their fancy suits, and of course there were plenty of the restaurant's signature golden paper crowns to go around.

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But it wasn't all Burger King all the time -- the bride actually forwent the fast-food headgear in favor of a sweet, bridal floral crown.