Brooklyn Decker Pumps in Bathroom, Misses Flight, and Tweets ALL About It

posted: 04/29/16
by: Mara Betsch

You have a baby.... In a bar... ?: @krissyae

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As any new mom knows, it's tough to leave your child at home for more than a few hours. And celebrity mom Brooklyn Decker knows these feelings all too well. She basically live-tweeted her entire first solo trip -- and it turned into quite an adventure. Read on to see how her journey progressed...let's just say it didn't end as planned.

And, like most new moms, she had lots of questions about how to pump while on the go.

It looks like her flight ran into some issues, causing all the passengers to exit. Decker decided, because of all the delays, that she could quickly get in a pump session in the bathroom. Unfortunately, when she returned to the gate, she wasn't able to board.

Decker, understandably, was NOT pleased with the situation.

But she handled it like any mother would and had a big glass of wine.

But she was clear to tell the airline and all of Twitter about her displeasure with the situation.

But she eventually turned introspective and eventually found humor in the situation.

We really appreciate Brooklyn's honesty throughout the entire situation. Have you had similar travel issues? Tell us in the comments.