Bride Moves Wedding to the Hospital So Her Dad Could See Her Get Married

posted: 12/14/15
by: TLCme
Megan Kinnison

Like most women, Megan Kinnison wanted her father to be able to see her get married. But when her dad Martin was much too sick to leave his his hospital bed, she decided to bring the wedding to him. Diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year, the 70-year-old had been battling illness and been in and out of the hospital for several months.

A week before Kinnison was set to marcher fiance Adrian, her father entered the hospital again, complaining of shortness of breath and difficulty moving. The Gloucester, Virginia, couple were set on having her father at the ceremony, though, and they moved everything -- including their wedding -- to make it happen.

After having a short ceremony in her parent's backyard, Kinnison and her new husband traveled to her father's bedside and had an additional ceremony with him in attendance. Megan sister Colleen summoned a minister and a secretary in the acute care unit made last-minute decorations.

"I didn't know what to expect. Would he even be awake? How should I act? Where would I change into my dress?" Megan told Today.com. "There were so many questions and I was filled with emotion."

Two of Megan's fourteen siblings attended, along with several nieces and nephews, Adrian's mother, grandfather, and family friends.

Thankfully, Martin is doing much better since the wedding. After going through two weeks of rehabilitation he's now back home resting.