Bride Jilted By Fiance Donates Wedding Party to Homeless Families

posted: 01/21/16
by: Courtney Reimer
picture of bride

When Dana Olsen was "dumped" (her words) by her fiance six weeks before their wedding she wallowed a bit, understandably. But rather than let it be an entirely negative experience, she turned it into a charity event for needy families.

"I started to think about who would appreciate a good party. My family and friends and I weren't exactly in the mood to go wild, but I knew there were all sorts of people in the city who would love a night out,," she wrote in an "It Happened to Me" article on XO Jane. So she chose to transform what was supposed to be a joyous wedding celebration into a great party for the needy women and children at Mary's Place, a homeless shelter in Seattle.

Video courtesy The Seattle Times

Nothing of Olsen's "tens of thousands of nonrefundable dollars" went to waste: the band provided music for the kids and their moms to dance to, the caterers provided a delicious dinner and even the people she hired to do her hair and makeup provided a little glam to the attendees.

"Of course, I know that one night of dinner and dancing isn't going to make a huge difference in these women's lives," Olsen wrote. "But hey, at least they got to get their hair done, eat some good food, and put on their dancing shoes. The event was my family's small attempt to turn what's been an awful situation for us into something positive for other people."

Dana herself didn't attend the event -- she chose to spend the day instead hiking with her dad -- but she has said that turning the event into something good for women in transition made her feel a little less desolate. And as Manuel, one of the attendees interviewed by The Seattle Times said, "It takes a big heart to give away to other people everything your heart was in."