Breaking News: Instagram Will Now Allow Breast-Feeding Pics

posted: 04/17/15
by: TLC

In the last couple of years, Instagram, the photo-sharing app, has gotten in hot water several times for taking down photos it deemed racy. Among its victims: Posts that showed pubic hair, posts showing menstrual blood, posts showing butt selfies and boobs. But as of this week, Instagram has pledged that it'll no longer delete or remove breast-feeding photos.

After several women reported that their breast-feeding photos had been removed from the site, Instagram released a new set of guidelines, clarifying that "women actively breast-feeding" are now permitted. And photos that feature post-mastectomy scars are permitted as well.

What's still technically banned? Images of "sexual intercourse, genitals and close-ups of fully nude buttocks." The guidelines also discourage images that "support or praise terrorism, organized crime or hate groups" or offer illegal services.

But here's the thing -- Instagram's photo guidelines are by and large enforced by users. Users report the images to the company who then take the images down and review them. Now that the guidelines have changed this will hopefully mean fewer womens' bodies being policed. You can read the full list of guidelines here.