Brace Yourself Male Rompers Are About to be A Thing and We Love It

posted: 05/16/17
by: TLCme
Male Rompers

Men are about to find out all the glory and agony that comes with wearing a romper. RompHim launched a Kickstarter to serve this very underserved market. Now men can understand the struggles of romping through summer: on one hand they are adorable, easy to wear, have pockets and are perfect when the weather is warm -- on the other hand it makes going to the restroom an event -- but I'd say worth it.

Judging by their Kickstarter page already reaching their goal of $10,000 dollars on the first day, there was a market thirsty for this product.

The more I look at the company's Instagram, the more I'm falling for the RompHim. I'd say like anything in life, give it a chance, and think about how you'd hate to miss out on the joys of wearing a romper before you jump to a conclusion.