Boy With Autism Creates Special Poem from Pre-Written Outline

posted: 03/08/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

When a boy with Asperger's syndrome was given the skeleton to an 18-line poem, he took it somewhere unexpected.

This is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of comments and shares a photo of the poem has garnered on the National Autism Association's Facebook page.

Instead of just answering the prompts within the skeleton, this boy--named Benjamin--wrote a touching poem that can give readers an inside-look into what it is like to have Asperger's.

"I am odd, I am new," the 10-year-old boy opened with, putting the first of many special twists on the outline that included the first two words of each line, "I wonder if you are too/ I hear voices in the air/ I see you don't, and that's not fair."

Nonetheless, Benjamin used it as a mechanism to convey his feelings, closing out the poem with "I try to fit in/I hope that someday I do/I am odd, I am new."

In the words of the National Autism Association, there are others that are #oddtoo, Benjamin.