Botanists Are Saying Vegetables Don’t Actually Exist?!

posted: 06/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Vegetables and fruits in wooden box.

There has been a great debate over what is a fruit and what is a vegetable. We all know someone who corrects us if we don't refer to a tomato by its proper definition as a fruit. But now botanists are saying that vegetables aren't apart of this debate anymore because they don't even exist. So, what have we been eating?

Don't worry potatoes still come from the ground and still taste great fried, they're just not vegetables. In the world of botany, the word "vegetable" is not even in their list of vocabulary. They name this category of food based on its origin. For example, a potato is a root of a plant. Onions are the bulbs of a plant. Tomatoes are the fruits of a plant. Starting to understand the logic here?

It is not that vegetables as you know them no longer exist, but rather in the botanical world, the term just doesn't make sense. According to Live Science, the word vegetable has no meaning in botany. The dictionary defines vegetable as anything living that isn't animal or mineral. That's a pretty broad definition when referring to lettuce. But when you're a botanical scientist you have to pay attention to these technicalities.

Don't get too excited. Vegetables still exist and we still need to eat them. Try some of these easy ways to make your vegetables taste so much better.

Source: Huffington Post