Big Things Are Happening With The ‘My Giant Life’ Ladies!

posted: 08/19/15
by: Olivia Frymark
giant life

"My Giant Life" cast members Lindsay, Haleigh, Colleen, and Nancy were interviewed by Shaun Robinson last night on a post-season special. In case you missed hearing about these larger-than-life ladies, don't worry. We've got you covered with all the "My Giant Life" moments that had us on the edge of our seats.

  1. Lindsay met her father: Lindsay had an emotional reunion with her father, whom she hadn't seen since she was 16 years old. After confronting him with all of her pent up feelings, Lindsay was finally able to receive some closure. She also had an exciting surprise introduction to her younger brother. As the tallest actress in the world, Linsday is excited about an upcoming role on the hit ABC show, Grey's Anatomy.
  2. Haleigh got married -- and is headed overseas! We met 22-year-old Haleigh and her loving boyfriend Bryan when the series started. But as the show progressed, so did their relationship. Bryan proposed to Haleigh and we had the amazing opportunity to watch the lead-up to their big day! After Haleigh's dad finally got on board with his little girl getting married, Haleigh and Bryan finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Now, Haleigh's off to play professional volleyball overseas!
  3. Had Coco found Mr. Right? Colleen recently moved back to San Diego and tried put her new life together. Her main focus was finding love! After a few bad dates, Colleen decided to hire a matchmaker who's set on finding Mr. Right for Coco. She's keeping her options open and spirits up. We know you'll find the one, Coco.
  4. Nancy got her princess moment: Young Nancy FINALLY got invited to the senior prom this year by her crush Shea (who happens to be about a foot shorter than her). But that didn't stop them from partying the night away. After Shea met Nancy's family, she found the perfect dress and got all dolled up for the night to remember!

After such an eventful season, these were only a few of our favorite moments! Let us know yours by tweeting @TLC with #MyGiantLife!

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