BFF Goals: 8 Year Old Starts a Go Fund Me to Buy His Best Friend a New Wheelchair

posted: 08/02/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Sometimes you are really lucky and meet your best friend in kindergarten. For Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan, their BFF status was sealed in kindergarten when they bonded over superheroes and enjoying Happy Meals at McDonalds. Some students only focused on Kamden's disability, but Paul never acted like Kamden was different. When Paul realized his friend needed a new wheelchair, he knew he had to help and he would have to get creative.

Paul, who lives in Poway California, told his mom he watched a video about fundraising websites and wanted to start a campaign for his buddy Kamden so he could raise enough money to get him a brand new customized wheelchair.

Kamden was born with a tumor on his T2 and T3 vertebras. Kamden's mom tells TODAY the tumor was so large it began to engulf his spinal cord. Kamden has had three surgeries and relies on a wheelchair. However, the wheelchair is bulky and doesn't accommodate his growing body, and now it's causing accidents. Recently the boys were visiting a farm and Paul looked on in horror as the wheelchair tipped forward and dumped out Kamden.

Putting all of the writing skills he learned while in second grade, 8-year-old Paul wrote the intro for a Go Fund Me page that is dedicated to raising enough money to purchase the wheelchair for Kamden. It didn't take long for the campaign to be a success.

In two weeks, the campaign exceeded its goal of $3,900 and raised over $6,000, which covers the cost of a customized wheelchair. "His wheelchair has fallen forward many times and that sucks. Also, he has a really hard time pushing it because its so heavy," Paul wrote on the Go Fund Me page.

While it will take some time for Kamden's wheelchair, he did get a chance to try out a demo wheelchair. During the test drive, Houshan noticed an immediate difference in his ability to move around. Now these two friends have lots of fun activities to plan because these two are unstoppable!

Photos via Keep Kamden Rollin' Go Fund Me