Being an Older Mom Comes with a Lot of Benefits for Mom and Baby

posted: 03/29/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Older moms
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An older mom holding her baby.

We're often told from medical professionals that having a child when you're older can be risky not only for the baby but for mom too. For women who want to add to their family in their thirties and forties, we are well aware that turning 35 means we're given the awful label of Advanced Maternal Age. However, since women are waiting longer than ever to start a family, a new study says it's actually a good thing.

A recent Danish study found that being an older mom has many benefits, not only for mom but for baby too. The study analyzed nearly 5,000 Danish mothers and their kids, checking in on the children when they were seven, 11 and 15 years old and had interesting findings about older mothers' parenting style and overall happiness as a parent.

According to the study, older mothers are more likely to setup healthy boundaries for their children, are less likely to yell at their kids or give out harsh punishments. All of those healthy boundaries seem to pay off because children of older mothers are less likely to have emotional, behavioral, and social issues as they grow.

"We know that people become more mentally flexible with age, are more tolerant of other people, and thrive better emotionally themselves," study author Dion Sommer said in a press release. "This style of parenting can thereby contribute to a positive psychosocial environment which affects the children's upbringing."

The study found that older moms were more likely to have stable relationships with their partners as well as better access to resources that benefit their children. Not only did this study find that older moms were better prepared financially and emotionally for having kids, but the moms themselves were also happier during and right after their pregnancies.

So if you are starting to panic a bit about your biological clock ticking away, go ahead and hit the snooze button because according to this study, a little extra time will benefit everyone.