Bathroom Hacks: How to Quickly Organize Your Bathroom

posted: 10/31/16
by: TLCme

Is it just me or does it seem like there's CONSTANT CLUTTER in your bathroom? It's crazy how many products and supplies we're supposed to keep in such a small amount of space. In attempt to save space and sanity, here are three quick tips to organizing your bathroom!

Cut the clutter
Your medicine cabinet doesn't need to be full to the brim with bottles and products. We've nailed down the 10 Things You'll Ever Need In your Medicine Cabinet. Live by this and you'll feel organized already.

Divide and conquer

Adding simple dividers to your drawers will allow you to put products into their own compartments so they're not swimming around all jumbled together.

Add shelving
If your shower doesn't have shelving, add a shower caddy! If you find you're lacking storage, add shelving to the area behind your toilet! This will add a ton more space and allow you to quickly organize