Barbie Gets a Footwear Makeover

posted: 06/09/15
by: TLCme
barbie waving

Barbie's finally entered the modern age -- well sort of. While she's still stick thin and has generally unrealistic proportions, the little plastic doll will be getting some comfortable footwear, finally.

Yup, Barbie's about to get herself some flats. The new range of Fashionista dolls from Mattel will feature an adjustable ankle for Barbie so that she can wear -- gasp! -- flat shoes if she wants. It's the first time since the doll's creation in 1959 that she'll be able to wear flat shoes.

What's more, this particular range of Fashionista dolls will include eight different skin tones, 14 different faces, 18 different eye colors, 22 hair styles, and 23 different hair colors. That's a whole lot of diversity for a brand that's known for pretty blond hair and blue eyes, no?

So what changed? Maybe Barbie finally realized that girls wanted to play with dolls that looked like them.

We've got to imagine that all those years in high heels have got to have been exhausting, too.