Baking Hacks for When You’ve Messed Up the Recipe

posted: 05/03/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Kitchen disaster

From burnt cookies to missing key ingredients, you can still save a batch of cookies or a dozen cupcakes even if you've messed up the recipe. You just need a few of these creative baking hacks.

You are already mixing ingredients when you realize the recipe calls for softened butter, but your butter is still in the fridge. Fix this baking flub by filling a glass with hot water, dump out the water, and place the glass on top of the butter. Let the glass sit for a few minutes, and you'll get perfectly softened butter. This works well for cream cheese, too.

If you've baked your cookies for too long and now the bottoms of the cookies are burnt, there's no need to toss them. Grab a cheese grader and gently rub the cookies over the grader. You'll get rid of the black bottoms and will be left with a yummy cookie.

Trying to bake cupcakes and you can't find your muffin tin? The lid of a mason jar will work. Just place the lids on a cookie sheet and put the cupcake liner inside the lid.

Oh no! You've cracked a few eggs and now you see egg shells floating in the bowl. Just dip your finger into a little bit of water and place it over the egg shell. The water works like a magnet to grab every piece of shell.

Did your cookies end up hard as a rock? You can save these cookies by putting them into an airtight container with a piece of bread. In a day or two, the cookies with be soft and chewy.

Need a rolling pin for your dough? Just grab a wine bottle, cover your dough in plastic wrap or wax paper, and get to rolling!

If the recipe calls for brown sugar and you are fresh out or your brown sugar is in a large club, just mix white sugar with molasses for instant brown sugar. The next time your store your brown sugar, toss a few marshmallows in the bag to keep the brown sugar from clumping.

No need to run to the store to grab container of icing. If you need another color, just add flavored gelatin. You'll get bright icing with a delicious and sweet flavor.

If you need confectioners' sugar and you don't have any in your pantry, just put granulated sugar in a blender until it's a powdery consistency.