Badass Mom Carrie Underwood Rescues Her Baby and Dogs from Locked Car

posted: 07/13/15
by: Courtney Reimer
carrie underwood on a red carpet
Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

In what can now be viewed as a "teachable moment" for parents of kids and animals everywhere, Carrie Underwood displayed a great example of how to deal with a very tough situation -- and lucky for us, she chronicled the whole thing on Twitter. Relatedly, her dogs seem to be very advanced in their capabilities.

According to her Tweets, a seemingly cool-headed Underwood managed to think quickly when she discovered her dogs had locked themselves and the rest of her most precious cargo in her car (read: 4-month-old son, Isaiah).

It's unclear how the dogs managed to operate the locks, but lucky for Carrie, she had some great backup for the rescue operation. After it was first reported that Carrie herself broke her car window to get the kid and pups out, she tweeted:


But while she may have opened herself up to criticism by making this public, safety experts are glad she brought it out into the open so people can consider what they'd do in that scenario.

We're glad this little kiddo is safe and sound -- and that he'll have a funny story about his mischievous dogs and badass family to tell later on.

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