Baby-Proofing Hacks for Traveling With Kids

posted: 07/12/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Before my babies were mobile, I had my entire house babyproofed. Every room. Every surface. Every corner. It didn't take me long to go overboard and spent way too much money trying to keep my soon-to-be mobile children safe from every possible household harm--like the locks on every toilet in the house that I later couldn't open.

But if you're thinking of traveling with your kids, whether it's to a hotel or staying at someone else's home, you may start to feel that initial panic that you need to babyproof all the things. Have no fear, here's some of the best babyproofing hacks for when you travel.

1)Pool noodles are super inexpensive and can be your best friend when babyproofing in a pinch.

Using a small portion of the noodle, cut one side and place on a door to stop doors from slamming and pinching little fingers.

Use a pool noodle as a bedrail for your tiny sleepers. Just tuck the noodles under the fitted sheets to keep them in their beds. Tape together a few for older children.

Cut one side of a noodle and slide it over the faucet in the bathtub or over any sharp railings.

Cover sharp corners of tables, fireplaces, or other furniture with pool noodle pieces.

2) Cookie cutters, a dog collar, or plastic ring toys are great to secure cupboard doors.

3) A tension rod or a yard stick though door handles can secure a lot of cupboards at once.

4) Wrap a rubber band around the toilet paper to keep your kids from unraveling the entire roll.

5) To keep your kids from splashing around in the potty, use a little painters tape to seal it shut. It will keep them out but you can quickly open the lid.

6)Keep your infants secure and off dingy bathtub floors by placing a laundry basket in the bathtub and bathing your baby inside the laundry basket.

7)Band-Aids, duct tape, or painter's tape over outlets is a great way to keep tiny hands from getting shocked.

8)Two command hooks and a rubber band is perfect for securing the fridge shut.

9) Keep the seats and table clean while you visit by covering them in plastic press and seal. Just lay it down and toss it when your child is done eating or crafting.

10) Never worry your kids will be able to open a door by taking a small, round, disposable plastic container and cutting a small hole in the lid. Place the lid and container over the doorknob and it will act as a doorknob protector.

11) Keep kids safe from surge protectors by cutting a hole in the side of a plastic box or a shoebox. Place the surge protector inside, pull the cords though the hole, and secure the box.

12) Use twisty ties to secure cords from window blinds.