Baby Got Second-Degree Burns From a Garden Hose and Firefighters Are Warning All Parents

posted: 06/07/18
by: TLCme

via Twitter/LasVegasFD

With the weather heating up for summer we look to water activities to cool us down in the great outdoors. Summertime is defined by pools, oceans, lakes, running through sprinklers, slip n' slides, splashing in a kiddie pool or even a good ol' fashioned hose down to relieve the heat.

However with the fun of summer comes the dangers that heat can present, such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke and in some cases severe burns. The Las Vegas Firefighters are spreading the word to warn parents of a very serious, yet little known danger that can cause severe injury if unaware. The Las Vegas Fire Rescue tweeted: "Here in Las Vegas, a garden hose exposed to direct sunlight during summer can heat the water inside the hose (not flowing) to 130-140 degrees which can cause burns especially to children & animals. Let the water flow a few minutes to cool before spraying on people or animals."
According to Cafe Mom the photo that was shared with the warning was of baby Nicholas, who was severely burned 2 summers ago when his mom was filling up a wadding pool. The little boy was 9 months old and suffered second degree burns on 30 percent of his body.

Sadly, Domnique Woodger, the boys mom thought the boy was screaming because of not liking water, not because he was getting burned, according to KTLA 5. It then became apparent that he was burned, as his skin started peeling and he had blisters. KTLA 5 also reported that it was 115 degrees outside on that day which means the hose could've reached 150 degrees, and according to Captain Larry Subervi of the Phoenix Fire Department, with those temperatures it only takes a spray of 10-15 seconds to cause second degree burns.

Wishing everybody a safe and healthy summer and remember to always touch the water before you let kids near it!