Audrey Roloff Crowdsources Tips for Feeding Ember on Instagram

posted: 06/08/18
by: TLCme

Moms supporting moms -- online! New mama Audrey Roloff explained on her most recent Instagram post that she was having trouble coming up with easy and healthy meals for Ember.

Mom question ????What are some of your favorite baby-led-weaning finger foods or even just easy and healthy meals for babies! I'll admit, we've been eating out and on the go a lot lately, and it's been hard to get Ember into a good mealtime routine. I know I know... everything under one is just for fun, but I need to branch out from bananas avocados and pur?es... ? It's been a bit of a battle to get her to to mash and THEN swallow. She either just shoves food in and then spits it back out, or tries to swallow to soon ?Comment your baby food suggestions! How do you meal plan? What are your tips for storing/saving baby food? What are some of your favorite foods and how do you offer them to your little ones? ??

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The comments from some of her followers were SO HELPFUL!

Sarah L commented, "Scrambled eggs ? break them into little pieces and leave in front of her. Our little 11 month loves them."

Krystne had another great idea, saying "My baby loves pasta! So I will smash avocado..butternut squash... sweet potatoes.. cheese and mix it in my pasta in replace of pasta sauce. I have also been adding minced up ground beef, salmon and turkey as well. I also do the same with rice!"

Another commenter shared a family fave! "Bake a sweet potato for an hour on 400?, cube it and sprinkle cinnamon. This has been a favorite of both of my girls since they were 6 months!"

Check her post for more tips for feeding little ones, and follow Audrey and Jeremy's journey with their first baby by watching full episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC GO!